CANNA's push for Tombstone, Stonehurst and the NZ Music Scene

Posted by Tim Hunt on

It's no secret by now that Tombstone Entertainment is a fully functional, well oiled machine of servitude towards supporting the Christchurch and NZ music scene.

While Tombstone has gained in experience in promoting locals acts through headline shows, annual festivals and online presence, none of this could have happened without the help of CANNA. 

For those that still aren't familiar with CANNA, they are a world wide brand of plant nutrients, based in the Netherlands, with a strong Australasian community. CANNA approached Tombstone for sponsorship after hearing about their annual event 'Groovefest' and were really impressed by the caliber of talent in the acts they experienced, giving rise to further on-going sponsorship to this day. 

Moving forward, CANNA continues to support Tombstone Entertainment and now have expressed their interest in further supporting Stonehurst, the Christchurch based heavy power rock 4-piece. Audiences can look forward to seeing more Stonehurst activity as CANNA gives them a push to continue working on their craft of striving to provide the world with more RIFFS and meaningful tracks that make a positive change in the minds of their listeners! 

Round of applause for CANNA! For more info on CANNA follow the link to their website and if you so happen to be inclined with a green thumb, indoor or outdoor, they'll be exactly what you're looking for!

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