Stonehurst work on 3rd Album Release

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Stonehurst have been creating their sabbath-esque riff-filled, green-fuelled tracks since 2007. Since exploding onto Christchurch stages, Stonehurst have made a strong impact in the music scene throughout New Zealand. From achieving national FM radio status, to international and festivals slots, pushing their game to another level and living up to their reputation as one of NZ's favourite upcoming heavy acts, Stonehurst's fan-base continues to multiply and they have quickly turned into a legendary New Zealand Classic Rock act.

The four horsemen of New Zealand Heavy Music, Stonehurst, consist of:

Tim Hunt - Vocals/Guitar (Some of the biggest riffs and pipes NZ has to offer)

David Hunt – Bass (A Death Metal extraordinaire, on the forefront of NZ’s Brutal Music Scene, bringing in his taste for funk and heavy groove)

Rhyz Bell - Lead Guitar (A relatively new edition to the band, Rhyz's melodic lead breaks get all the enthusiasts fizzing)

Jay Arthur – Drums (Easily one of NZ’s most talented men behind the skins, oozes mind melting grooves)

After gaining two albums under their belt (Stonehurst Self-titled Album and 'Strange Urge'), Stonehurst are now focusing on releasing their third album entitled 'Wild Visions'. With track titles such as 'Can't Help Myself', 'Whispers', and 'Make Believe', the aspect of releasing experiences through their music seems prevalent.

"With ideas old and new, 'Wild Visions' promises to bring more quintessential 'Stonehurst' than ever before. With more heavy, groovy, trance inducing goodness that has been evolving throughout our previous albums. Similar to the previous releases, we seem to be drawing inspiration from specific personal life events and the inevitable consequences of communal experiences, filtered through the hazy eyes of a psychoactive mind, blended with a collection of the the tastiest riffs we can conjure." - Tim Hunt. (Stonehurst Vocalist/Guitarist)

Look out for more Stonehurst activity on their Facebook and Instagram as they continue to work on what they do best! RIFF!

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